Day one. What about this blogging thing?

Here I am. I said I was never going to blog. Sure, I read blogs, and I find them informational and entertaining at times. However, I didn’t see this coming. I write stories, because I have to get the words out. It would be wonderful to meet my goal of publication, but if it never happens for me, at least I’m doing something I love.

It never occurred to me that so many book writers were bloggers, too. I noticed that this is very common among the profession. So, here I am, and I find myself blogging about blogging.

I hope this helps me to continue getting the words out. Maybe this will be something of an inspiration for my works in progress. We shall see.

Thanks for having me in the blogosphere. I’m glad to be on this journey, and followers are welcome at their own risk! Who knows what I’ll write about? I’m sure I’ll have something to say. I’ve never been one that couldn’t find the words.