If You Can Think It…You Can Write It

Today I find myself doing some research for my unfinished book and the direction that I want it to go in. I started by looking on Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest at https://www.pinterest.com/bnicolebs/) for the location where my book takes place. I have done this before for this story, but I need to get a better grasp of the setting.

Then, I found myself searching for books that make the reader feel like they’re on vacation, because I want my book to feel like that (a vacation in a book). Now my Amazon wish list is a little longer, and I’ve managed to do some research while getting a little side tracked (I swear they should make pills for writer’s ADD!).

As I write this book, I find that there are many phases, steps, and procedures that take place over the course of writing a fiction novel. I’m learning all of these as I go, and I’m more intrigued than ever to learn about how the writing process goes for my peers.

Thank God for Pinterest, because it has allowed me to learn more about the story I want to write and to learn more about myself today. My husband has always said that I’m a dreamer. I’m desperately hoping that he is right and that it pays off one day. My thoughts are wide open, and I’m learning more and more how to reign them back in to focus on this one project.

I guess what it all boils down to today, folks, is that I’m trying to keep my thoughts as big as my dreams, and I hope that I can condense these large scale ideas down into one concise and beautifully written novel. As always…prayers welcomed, and I hope this day ends with a bigger word count for you!



A Writing Mental Breakdown

Okay. So I know I haven’t been on here in a couple of days, and I really hate to miss a day blogging. I started this journey, and I am committed.

There is just one thing…I’m losing my mind a bit! As a fellow writer I know you can relate. You are on to something, and you think this is it. Then you get feedback from your critique partners, and doubt sets in, and you think that maybe this is not it.

Well, that is where I find myself now. I am STILL writing my first adult fiction novel. It’s leaning towards mainstream/women’s fiction which thrills me (mainstream fiction seems to be “the thing” right now). I’m nowhere near finished, yet, but I have written the first 12,000ish words…that’s the most words I’ve ever written (not related to work or school)!Yay!  I’m very excited to be on this new adventure, but it is a bit nerve-wracking!

I started writing in 3rd person, past tense, with no dialogue. A story with no dialogue can seem strange, but it can be done (usually more literary in genre). Well, apparently it’s too big of a challenge for me to take on for my first novel. There has been a consensus among my critique partners that dialogue is a must. So, I’ve added dialogue!

My goal now is to finish rewriting in first person. That’s the only way I’ll be able to mentally move on and finish the story. Please say a prayer or send well wishes to this writer if you get a chance. I need it!

Please know that my absence, if any, is for a good cause…my writing or my family. I’ll try to keep updating as I go. If this doesn’t help anyone that is okay. It will be therapy for me as I work to maintain my sanity!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day of writing. May your word count grow and bring you less stress than mine has brought me!



Twitter is a must for writers. This is your link to agents, query tips, publishers, and the famous #MSWL aka manuscript wish list. I have learned so much about the business of writing from Twitter. I’ve learned about agencies, authors, and I’ve made many valuable contacts.

Twitter helps you network and explore. You can keep up with what your friends are working on and search what the agents are looking for. There are many hashtags for writers to check out. #mswl, #querytip, #tenqueries, and #ask agent are just a few. My personal favorite is the hashtag #amwriting. There are so many on this crazy ride to publication, and it is comforting to know that we’re not alone on this journey.

Twitter has allowed me to see that there is a special bond that exists among writers and the literary community. We can all relate to each other, because we’re all trying to reach common goals. We are all dreamers on a mission.

Investing in a Twitter account is worthwhile if you’re hoping to grow as a writer. It’s easy to navigate. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You’ll get the hang of it. Before long you’ll know how to utilize it effectively and be better armed on your path to publication. Hang in there. I hope you’re day is full of good writing!

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