Distracted Writer…

This past weekend I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. It was a wonderful weekend and a busy one at that. Life has been happening, and I have been living it. I’ve also found that I’m consuming myself with interests versus writing over the last four or so days.

I decided that I would not be anywhere near done with my first draft until around August. That is my new goal–80,000 words or bust! I had a big day of writing on Friday, but I’ve gotten a little lazy and consumed over the weekend. I’ve found myself wondering how long it takes authors to write a full novel.

If you have any words of wisdom for keeping your focus when distraction sets in, please send them my way. I cannot wait to finish my work in progress, and I love my story, but some days I need to detach. Does this happen to everyone when they work on such large projects? This first time adult fiction author is curious how the process goes or has went for others.

All advice welcomed. May your ideas flow and your word counts grow!


By the way…my baby turns one this week. Maybe I’m a tad hormonal and sad. I’m happy my baby is healthy and growing, but that’s one year of parenting that has come and gone. Okay…drying up my tears…have a great day!



Today I discovered¬†goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/)…(I am going to digress now, but I will get back to this point.) I have written the first 10,000+ words of my adult fiction WIP (OMG!!! YAY!), and I’ve been outlining where I want the remainder of the story to go.

I am really getting into the meat of the story, and I am thrilled beyond belief. It is my goal to complete this manuscript by June, and it’s looking like this could be a real possibility.

I’ve only queried my picture book manuscripts, and I’m still revising and receiving critiques on them. I am a girl on a mission with my writing…I guess you can say I’m in the hot seat!

I cannot wait to finish my WIP and begin querying it. I know that is hard to believe, because querying is not always rainbows and sunshine. It is a stressful process. However, the chance to put my completed, revised, critiqued, revised, critiqued, and revised manuscript out there for the taking excites me!

Okay…back to goodreads…I have joined a couple of groups on this website today, and I’m going to explore gaining more critique partners and future beta readers through this route. I have found the critique partner experience to be crucial for development, and I hope this helps me to branch out and find even more critics for my work. I always critique back, because that is only fair, and it helps me to learn more about the craft of writing well.

I’m interested to know, how do you find your critique partners and beta readers? Have you ever explored goodreads? Thanks for your feedback, and I hope your writing takes you to beautiful places today.


Pin of the Day, April 9, 2015

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Isn’t this what we all hope for…a life without regrets. For me, the hope of this statement is pushing me at full speed. To believe in oneself and the possibility of fulfilling a dream is a beautiful thing.

I’ve had many clients in the past that did not believe in dreaming. Their lives were hard, and they didn’t have many resources. This has been one of the saddest things I’ve experienced in all of my years in the mental health profession. Yes, there is abuse, and that is the worse. However, to live in this world without the belief in dreams is devastating to me.

If you have ever thought of doing something, but it seemed to out of reach or impossible, think about revisiting that idea again. If it hasn’t left you, then it won’t. Live your life without regrets. Give it your best today!

God bless you & CARPE DIEM!

Day one. What about this blogging thing?

Here I am. I said I was never going to blog. Sure, I read blogs, and I find them informational and entertaining at times. However, I didn’t see this coming. I write stories, because I have to get the words out. It would be wonderful to meet my goal of publication, but if it never happens for me, at least I’m doing something I love.

It never occurred to me that so many book writers were bloggers, too. I noticed that this is very common among the profession. So, here I am, and I find myself blogging about blogging.

I hope this helps me to continue getting the words out. Maybe this will be something of an inspiration for my works in progress. We shall see.

Thanks for having me in the blogosphere. I’m glad to be on this journey, and followers are welcome at their own risk! Who knows what I’ll write about? I’m sure I’ll have something to say. I’ve never been one that couldn’t find the words.