Pin of the Day, April 19, 2015


A day of self doubt…I needed to hear this. I hope it inspires you to keep on writing for the simple love of doing so.

May your word count grow…



Pin of the Day, April 18, 2015


Today has been busy. I’ve been spending time with my daughter. I read her The Ugly Duckling, and this picture makes me think of that story. These are geese, but I like the simplicity of it. I really just wanted to share his picture, because it’s calming, and I wanted to pass someone else’s work along. We all like for our work to be appreciated. 

I didn’t get much writing in today, but I did knock out some editing this evening. I had a full day, and I can sleep well knowing how much or how little I accomplished.  

I hope your days are full. ūüėä Happy writing! 



Today I discovered¬†goodreads (…(I am going to digress now, but I will get back to this point.) I have written the first 10,000+ words of my adult fiction WIP (OMG!!! YAY!), and I’ve been outlining where I want the remainder of the story to go.

I am really getting into the meat of the story, and I am thrilled beyond belief. It is my goal to complete this manuscript by June, and it’s looking like this could be a real possibility.

I’ve only queried my picture book manuscripts, and I’m still revising and receiving critiques on them. I am a girl on a mission with my writing…I guess you can say I’m in the hot seat!

I cannot wait to finish my WIP and begin querying it. I know that is hard to believe, because querying is not always rainbows and sunshine. It is a stressful process. However, the chance to put my completed, revised, critiqued, revised, critiqued, and revised manuscript out there for the taking excites me!

Okay…back to goodreads…I have joined a couple of groups on this website today, and I’m going to explore gaining more critique partners and future beta readers through this route. I have found the critique partner experience to be crucial for development, and I hope this helps me to branch out and find even more critics for my work. I always critique back, because that is only fair, and it helps me to learn more about the craft of writing well.

I’m interested to know, how do you find your critique partners and beta readers? Have you ever explored goodreads? Thanks for your feedback, and I hope your writing takes you to beautiful places today.


Pin of the Day, April 16, 2015


There are so many stories that we could imagine based off of this one photo. Good inspiration does that. It helps us to let our minds wander into the land of unknown.

I’m constantly seeking inspiration, and it is so easy to find. My husband always tells me that I’m a dreamer, and I’m full of imagination. He is a realist. His views on life keep me grounded. It’s so easy for me to go off on a mental tangent, and staying on task with my writing seems to be the biggest challenge I face lately.

It’s a good problem to have! I love knowing that there are so may stories to be told and so many sources of inspiration. The beauty of the world makes me like a child, with so much curiosity. Ideas are all around me. I feel like I’m onto something exciting with my latest WIP…it gives me chills!

I hope you find beauty all around you. I hope your mind is full of imagination, and I pray that you become inspired.

Happy writing!


Pin of the Day, April 15, 2015

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

Good writing stays with us. I was having one of those dreary, lazy days, and I was thinking about cuddling up¬†to watch¬†some good television. I couldn’t do this, because I had to work, but I started feeling nostalgic about some of my favorite shows that have ran their course.

A good show grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go until the end. You’re along for the ride, and it keeps you coming back for more.

Isn’t that how we hope our writing is? I would love to know that I wrote a book with series potential that readers craved. I have written three picture books in a series, but I cannot get any takers on it. One of the most coveted picture book agents recently told me that¬†she believed that one of the books was quite charming, but she did not feel that it was really on target as a picture book.

What do I do with that? Hmmm…for now it is on the back burner. I’m working on finishing my first adult fiction piece, and it is my main focus for now. I still wonder what may become of my series. It was my first serious project.

I have since completed a diverse assortment of picture books and am branching out into other genres. But, your first book baby sticks with you just like your favorite tv shows do. I must admit, I was flattered at the nice review she gave my book, but I really wish I would have received more suggestions as to where to go next.

Like everything else in life it’ll all work out in its own time, and what’s meant to be will be.

I hope your word count is growing…happy writing!


Pin of the Day, April 14, 2015


¬†Today is my five year wedding anniversary, so I’m celebrating! I’ve spent a few hours writing this morning, but the rest of my day will be focused on the one I love.

¬†If you love someone let them know. If you’re looking for love keep your eyes open. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to.

In the meantime, remember to take care of yourself and do something to celebrate you today!


Pin of the Day, April 13, 2015


I want to write beautiful books…

If you’re anything like me, selecting a book to read is all about the experience you hope it brings. Also, I do judge books by the cover sometimes. I love the way the book looks and smells. I can’t wait to turn the new, crisp pages. Reading is a luxury, and I hope to write books that take the reader away on a beautiful experience. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s cover alone screams out to me. Sure, I enjoyed the story in its self,  but if I saw that cover in a bookstore it would appeal to me. Asthetically it is pleasing to the eye.

Am I being superficial? Probably. However, one can’t deny good marketing. It’s all about the story, but the beauty of a book’s appearance is a major selling point.

I want to write beautiful books. That’s all. Here’s to you and your beautiful story…I hope the words make the world a lovelier place! ‚̧ԳŹ

Carpe Diem

Pin of the Day, April 12, 2015


I love this picture. I’m so inspired by the romance of Paris. I’ve never been, but I must have lived there in another lifetime. 

When I look at this coloring page, it reminds me of the stories I write. This picture tells a story, but it’s up to you and me to add the color to it. That’s where I am with my current works in progress. I write. I revise. Then, I go back and add the extra details that are missing. I give the pages color. 

One thing I’ve learned from recent critiques I’ve received is that I do a great job of telling a story, but I need to work on showing the story. This feedback has been so helpful to me. I get it now. I feel like I’ve found a missing piece of a puzzle, and now I can put it all together. 

I can make my picture any color I want. It, like our stories, relies greatly on the details. It could end up dark or vibrant or both. That’s the beauty of writing. You never know where you’ll end up, and you have the freedom to express all your colors.

I hope you find your inspiration and add some color to your life. Here’s to ideas that flow and word counts that grow. Write something good today! 


Pin of the Day, April 11,2015

I feel like life is moving so fast, and my writing ideas are flowing out like lava. I get so torn on which idea to focus on first. I’m currently trying to stay on task with an adult fiction novel, but all morning I’ve been playing with an idea for my first attempt at a middle grade piece. 

I believe all writers must deal with this same dilemma. You have to strike while the iron is hot, but you can’t wander too far away from a work in progress. You may lose your ideas if you stray too far. 

I’d be interested to hear how you prioritize multiple writing projects. What methods help you stay on track? I need a system to contain my good stuff. The thought of letting a story escape me stresses me out! How do you get it all out of you at once? What keeps you efficient? 

Let me know. This writer must focus! Happy writing…

Carpe Diem