Pin of the Day June 15, 2015


The last month I’ve been doing a lot more of the above (pictured) versus writing. Don’t get me wrong…I do jot down ideas for my current WIP whenever they come to me, but my brain is on relaxation mode (Who am I kidding?? I have a one yr old!). I’ve been enjoying a glass of wine, living for days spent playing with my little girl and swimming in the pool, and living out the full definition of summer. I’m on a mental vacation. 😊

I’ve hit a bit of a road block…I don’t think the ideas have stopped flowing, but my productivity and motivation to write has decreased somewhat. I’ve gotten a little lazy.

I find myself wondering how others get over these humps. How long does this last? Advice appreciated! 

By the way…my top writing priority still revolves around finishing my current WIP…goal was to finish by June…now I’m hoping for a complete rough draft by December. Prayers for writing motivation much appreciated! 

Happy writing and CARPE DIEM! 


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