Lazy Blogger…

I’m a school counselor, and last Friday was our last day of school/work. I’m definitely getting into the School’s Out for Summer state of mind. 

Ever since the school doors shut, my mind has been on relaxation mode. This is good for obvious reasons…one must take time to shut off and let loose when the chance arises. 

On the other hand, my productivity has been at a standstill. I haven’t written much at all. 😳 A few ideas have been scribbled on note pads, and a few words typed, but my mental capacity has been on vacation.

What do writers do when they are working on a novel and their brain shuts down? Does this happen to all writers? 

I’m interested to know how you handle mental strikes when your brain holds its hand up in resistance…

Please let me know. I’m still a newbie in the adult fiction genre, and I’d love to be encouraged by writers that have overcome the adversity…

Oh…by the way…my baby completely weaned two weeks ago, so this momma bear has been indulging in the joys of a glass of wine on hot summer nights…😳😳😳 I’m chalking it up to life experience…one cannot write without life experiences, right?!! 

Here’s to you and your writing…May your word count grow! 



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