This is My Dream…

Have you ever been on cloud nine? Well I have been today. My morning started off normal, but I opened my email, and I had a critique waiting on me. My critique partner read my rewrite, and her words were “Wow. Just wow!”

This has made my writing day awesome! It is wonderful when someone confirms that you are not crazy, and your story really is worth telling. I have finished rewriting my first eight chapters, changing from third person to first person point of view, and today I was able to start writing a fresh new chapter. The words have been flowing, and I love what I’m working on. My ego is glowing (I’m soaking it up while it lasts…I will have to query this novel one day, and we know how traumatic that can be!), and I am going to roll with it. Heck, I will even let my imagination dream big and go with the idea that my novel could be a bestseller one day! IT IS MY DREAM!

I hope my writer’s high doesn’t wear off. I have never experienced this kind of excitement over a story before. It is amazing to go through this journey and watch my words come to life. I’m going to own my confidence, but I won’t get conceited. I still have at least 60-70K words to go!!

This is my first adult novel, and I’m so impressed by the critique partners I have made and the hard work all of the authors I meet put into their craft. Writing a novel is demanding, and it takes commitment.

Thank you for all of your words of encouragement. I hope your books are thriving and your word counts are growing.



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