Pin of the Day, April 15, 2015

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Good writing stays with us. I was having one of those dreary, lazy days, and I was thinking about cuddling up to watch some good television. I couldn’t do this, because I had to work, but I started feeling nostalgic about some of my favorite shows that have ran their course.

A good show grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go until the end. You’re along for the ride, and it keeps you coming back for more.

Isn’t that how we hope our writing is? I would love to know that I wrote a book with series potential that readers craved. I have written three picture books in a series, but I cannot get any takers on it. One of the most coveted picture book agents recently told me that she believed that one of the books was quite charming, but she did not feel that it was really on target as a picture book.

What do I do with that? Hmmm…for now it is on the back burner. I’m working on finishing my first adult fiction piece, and it is my main focus for now. I still wonder what may become of my series. It was my first serious project.

I have since completed a diverse assortment of picture books and am branching out into other genres. But, your first book baby sticks with you just like your favorite tv shows do. I must admit, I was flattered at the nice review she gave my book, but I really wish I would have received more suggestions as to where to go next.

Like everything else in life it’ll all work out in its own time, and what’s meant to be will be.

I hope your word count is growing…happy writing!



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