Returning to Me, While Becoming Someone New

Next month my baby girl will be one year old. Where has the time gone? It’s exciting, and it breaks my heart at the same time. They really do grow so fast.

Last summer was filled with the pure exhaustion that comes from having a new baby. She was nursing every two hours, sleep was a thing of the past, and getting a shower was the highlight of the week. We nested in our house. The pool was open, but we didn’t use it much. My usually tan skin became white as snow. The responsibilities of having a brand new baby consumed me. Now my baby girl is sleeping in her crib,  and we are weaning her before her first birthday.

I think back on the moments that filled my house when she was born, and so much has changed. Yesterday afternoon I put her in the stroller, and I was actually able to go for a walk. Spring was in the air, and the sun felt so nice on my skin. I felt some of my old self returning.

I used to be an active runner, but I haven’t ran the last two years. It felt so good to walk again, and I look forward to taking my baby with me on many more outings. As I mentioned, I’m about to be at the end of nursing my baby. It has been a big commitment, and there were times I detested it. Oh, but it has been so special. Once it’s over, it’s over. She’s down to nursing one to two times per day now, and I am cherishing ever second. The end is near.

That’s okay, though. We are growing together. My baby girl won’t need me in that respect, but she will still need me. I love that she is getting older and will be able to have fun this summer. I’m so excited to be able to swim with her in our pool this year and explore the outdoors with her. We live on a farm, and I can already tell that she loves the outdoors.

Motherhood has brought me many new beginnings. I’ve always been a writer, but once I read the first book to my baby, the writer in me truly came alive. I have been writing with force all year, and I am on a writer’s high. I have so many ideas that I cannot get them down fast enough.

I’m writing, blogging, querying, and writing some more. I cannot wait to see what is ahead and who I become on this journey. It’s so exciting to be on the verge of something so fulfilling. With this all being said, I think I should also tell you that writing is simply my passion. Having a family was my dream, and I’m living it. Becoming published would just be the icing on the cake.

Here’s what I’ve been exploring today: 1. How to create blog traffic by using your Pinterest account. 2. How to be an effective critique partner. I’m fully immersed in these areas right now, and I’m learning lots of new information.

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Thank you for reading. CARPE DIEM


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