Blogging vs. Writing My Book?

Today I began the day planning to get some writing done on my adult fiction work in progress. I’ve been frantic to get the words out of my head while the juices are flowing. The day had other plans for me, however. Today was the day that I had the bright idea of starting a blog. This is where my time and energy was spent. I have a start, but compared to other blogger websites I have a long way to go!

Now, I’m sitting here, and my day is about to become really busy. How much writing did I contribute to my book? None. This makes me sad. It gives me something to blog about at least.

I’m sure most writers go into their days with the best intentions for their writing. It is frustrating when you want to finish a novel, because you can’t stop going until you meet the goal. I feel like I cheat myself on a day when I do not write. Maybe blogging will allow me to network and expand my writing platform.

Here’s hoping. It has to be for something. Many are not religious or spiritual, but I am. I will choose to believe that today I had a revelation to work on my craft by creating this blog. This blog will be useful to my career as an author.

For now I’ll just play with it for a while. Let’s see where it goes…

Carpe diem!

If you have any stories for how blogging has helped you grow as a writer, I’d love to hear them.


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